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Whether you're selling an apartment, a villa, a Châlet or a mansion, valuating your home at the correct price is extremely important. Many factors need to be considered for an exact home valuation and this can not be done without a thorough analysis. The following 3 steps together with our expertise will allow us to give you a precise valuation: Our consultants analysis of your home, it’s advantages and potential for future buyers, Market analysis (the value of your home comparing to the actual real estate market) Hedonist Valuation (how will your home be valued by the banks; this is important for the buyer’s mortgage and financial capacity). Your house may sell at a higher price thanks to its location, the demand, the market and the interest rates. Contact us and we will be happy to come and visit your home and provide you a detailed valuation.

Our Sales Strategy and Marketing technics

The following steps lead to an efficient sale of your house 1. Valuating your home at the correct price through a detailed analysis: Consultant valuation Market Analysis Hedoniste Valuation 2. Home staging and advice on how to present your home and garden 3. Home ambiance photography, video and Drone Video DJI 194 4. Original and attractive ads: naming every home, a cosy description that represents the uniqueness of every home and location 5. Sharing your property with our national and international network, including Swiss and international companies and organizations 6. Presenting your house on various portals and social media 7. Contacting every client over the phone and understanding their needs and hobbies. 8. Pool of Advisors: A team of Financial and legal partners that allow you to find adequate solutions and make the sales process happen smoothly and rapidly

Our Contracts

Exclusive Contract
Your house is represented by one agency This contract has many advantages: A lower commission percentage A unique and specific sales strategy for every home First level home and garden staging An efficient Marketing with defined time lines will allow a higher chance to sell your home.

Non-Exclusive contract Your home is represented by multiple agencies: A higher commission percentage then an exclusive contract The sales strategy and marketing of your home is represented in various manners which can lead to confusion on the buyer’s side.

Fixed rate Contract A fixed rate is defined for the sale of every home.