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Begnins has a beautiful history and a rich heritage: a church from the 12th century, the castles of Martherey, Cottens, Menton and Rochefort.

One of it’s activities is the production of wine ideal with it’s sunny hillsides. One can enjoy magnificent hikes: the oak woods, the vineyard path, the forest hut, the Toblerones trail along the Serine river. We invite you to live in Begnins, a village that has retained its village spirit and which favours hospitality and conviviality, in a beautiful apartment ideally located on the shopping street, a village house or a contemporary villa in the heights of Begnins.

The main street is a place of daily encounters. With its grocery store, bakery, butcher, tea room, pharmacy, doctor's office, dentist, nursery, hills, municipal library, college and renowned restaurants:
Café du Raisin
Le Milieu
l'Ecu Vaudois

You also have the choice between a public or private school for the children. The multilingual Montolivet school, which has been established in Vich for almost 20 years, now welcomes 220 pupils aged 3 to 16 and is a 5-minute drive from Begnins.

In this way you shall find everything you need just a stone's throw away … what a pleasure to live in such a beautiful village to do the shopping on foot and enjoy a nice meal on one of the Restaurant’s Terrace in the sun on Saturdays.

You are also very close to Gland and other towns : Public transport can take you or your children to La Gare de Gland or Nyon in just a few minutes. The motorway to Gland is a 3-minute drive away so you can be in Geneva or Lausanne in 30 minutes.